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I was touched by a story I read this evening about a mother without a village on the website Many of the things in this article resonate with me as a first time mum living in South Wales while my rather large family live in London. I don't know what I was thinking when I moved away. No, actually I do know what I was thinking. I wanted to learn to look after myself. It felt the mature thing to do, to graduate from university, move out and get a job. Having tasted freedom for a short while during the university years, I was hungry for more. Having met my now husband over 5 years on, I was elated to become a parent. But the responsibility and the isolation it came with was…

24th May 2016

Hand foot and mouth virus in children

"Life lessons"

It's actually a viral infection even though that's what it's called. It's not the same as the hand, foot and mouth disease that animals get. Spots, blistering, general redness and soreness are some of the symptoms my beauty girl Pumpkinella endured over the last week. Even inside her mouth on her tongue and her throat. She had spots predominantly on her hands, face and bottom. The most annoying thing about the virus is knowing that I caused it by taking her to see a doctor after over a month of generally feeling unwell. I wanted them to check her over to be sure there wasn't some other underlying cause why she had been unwell. And I honestly don't know why I bothered because very rarely do we see a doctor who actually cares. I will always follow…

28th April 2016

How big is too big new TV and telly addict toddler

"Product Review"
Tadcu and Pumpkinella

I've been fighting with myself and deliberating over this one for a couple of years now to my husbands great disappointment. We have a 2 year old daughter who's obsessed with tv shows like Hey Duggee (I love this one too), Bing, Go Jetters ( great job BBC!) and Raa Raa The Noisey Lion. As such we try and keep the tv off as often as we can to give her a chance to play and do other fun things. The thing is though that it's winter...and it's cold. I don't like the cold and I don't like going to our local parks, beaches or even just taking a stroll when temperatures are in single digits. I just want to cuddle up with a cup of hot chocolate watching corny TV or kids shows with…

26th February 2016

Win a free C&G cuddly toy


As a first time mother, while I was pregnant with my daughter, I worried about pretty much everything. After 9 blissful weeks with just a positive pregnancy test result I started to get morning sickness. I googled and googled all the time to find out what was normal and what wasn't. I didn't know a person could feel so rough with such a special package growing inside them. As the pregnancy went on, I felt invaded and searched frantically for ways to cope with different emotions and my changing body. Once I was over the worst of the morning sickness, I began to read about how my baby was developing. It was amazing to be able to see how big she was at each point and what was happening with her life. Later on…

26th January 2016

The Hoover Wi-Fi cooker will save my bacon every time

"Product Review"

I know this is quite removed from my usual topics but I'm bursting at the seams to be able to share this with you. And I can't believe it. Here i was looking for a new induction hob online and wanting something quite flexible which would allow me to cook with lots of different sizes pots easily. I thought it was a joke when I came across the Hoover Wizard induction hob. I had to take a closer look. My husband's a techie who loves new gadgets and I'm a wannabe techie obsessed with getting a good bargain. I saw Wi-Fi and Hob on the same line and I thought 'what's going on here?!' So what's the Hoover wizard induction hob when it's at home? Well, it appears you can control the cooker remotely,…

19th January 2016