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Welcome to pumpkinella.com, my parenting and lifestyle blog.

My name is Fola Lewis. I work in IT by day and am a new-ish mum to a wonderful baby girl and wife to a caring, loving husband. I started a private blog when I found out the wonderful news that I was going to become a mummy. I decided in early 2015 to start a public blog as a way to channel my thoughts and ideas.

What can you expect? Well, this is a parenting and lifestyle blog with the aim of sharing the joys of parenthood and learning how to cope through the ups and downs. I’m very new to this world of blogging so will be adding new posts as regularly as I can to make sure visitors have lots to read.

I’ll talk about anything from shopping, to health and crafts from the perspective of a young mum trying to make the best choices while trying to stay sane.

I have a lot to say and would love to share my views and experiences with other like-minded people. So here goes something.

Feel free to get in contact if you are a like-minded individual or have some interest in what I’m saying as I would love to see parenthood from more than just my own eyes.


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