Am I all I dreamed I’d be?

Inspirational quote on dreams and aspirations

 Am I everything I wanted to be? Have I not already had 33 years of trying to accomplish my goals?

Is it unreasonable after all that time to now complain about being unhappy with where I am when I’m clearly not doing anything about it?

A mark of greatness is perseverance…… What have I challenged myself to do lately and what have actually committed to?

Why is it that some days I wish I’d never left the warmth and comfort of my bed? Things go from bad to worse and end up as ‘you have GOT to be kidding me’! Tomorrow will be better? It had better be.

Why is my self-esteem low at times even though there’s nothing particularly wrong? I feel like I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I sometimes feel alone, especially when in a crowd. But why do I feel like this when I know some of the most wonderful people that ever walked the earth? They don’t just live, they love and they love me. Why is it so hard to open my heart to that love.

Why does the weighing scale say I’m overweight? Is size ’emaciated’ or size ‘lollipop’ the ideal?
Why can I not sleep at night even though my eyes are red and heavy.

Is it that something on my mind reminding me that I’m not where I should to be? But where am I going? What’s my goal?

Is there a part of my brain that wants me to seize the previous little moments of peace and quiet and do something more constructive than lazing on the couch? Come out come out! Get up and get busy!

All of these things are true.

All of these things are me.

I have the power to change my circumstances; if I would only get out of my own way long enough to do something about it.

Why does that seem like the hardest thing to do?

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    Adventures of a Novice Mum

    Lovely picture.

    So sorry you feel this way, I think many will identify. I sure do hope you’re feeling better too. Yeah, I know that feeling of loneliness with a crowd, not wanting to get hope, feeling down & out even when nothing is particularly wrong, and even pushing those who really love me away.

    Tomorrow is sure another day and it’ll, by God, be better!

    We have to decide differently … remember we’ve just got this life right now … grab the bulls by the horns, and doggedly go!

    We’ll get there, hey. #CommentLuv
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    1. Pumpkinella Post

      Thanks so much for your comments. You’re so right, and I do believe God only gives us what we can handle so I just have to bear that in mind and create the opportunities I want and change the things I can. I want to inspire my daughter and so my goals should be set around that and not moaning about my problems! Thanks again, sometimes it’s helps go hear these things from someone looking in on the situation. X

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    Adventures of a Novice Mum

    Well, sometimes we need to let off steam and this isn’t incompatible with inspiring our children. It’s definitely wise to count our blessings; focusing on the positive deflates the negatives. May we know God’s help with these; all easier said than done. You’ll be alright; whatever you do, be kind to yourself too 🙂
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