A lesson in baby safety

This is my tough lesson in baby safety.

Today started off very promising indeed. I was getting over the cold and for the first time in a week, was able to spend some one-on-one time with Pumpkinella. My husband had been taking her to her grandparents while I recovered from a horrible cold.

We played together, took a long walk in the park for the morning nap and had a play together at a play group in the afternoon.

Pumpkinella had a textbook bedtime routine and all was fine for the first 30 minutes. And then she woke up crying. The type of crying I often dismiss as over-tiredness and wait a few minutes before I go in. She settled right away as soon as I held her.

However only 10 minutes later she was crying again. This time crying of the labouring kind, as though she was in pain. This time it didn’t stop with mummy holding her tight, if seemed to get worse and when touching her belly it seemed worse.

Earlier on in the day I had caught her with a bottle of hair conditioner in her hand, a very small bottle that should not have been anywhere where she could reach. I took it off her and she continued to be my happy smily baby for the rest of the day.

So panic set in, first with her dad and then with her grandparents so I called NHS direct.

I explained everything and thankfully no one thinks the hair conditioner had caused any harm. Very low toxicity and only rarely do symptoms arise. I’m not sure she ingested anything at all but there’s no way to know. I was in the same room with her and she went around the coffee table briefly. In the 3-5 seconds she was out of my sight she found the bottle and I can’t say whether she got any in her mouth.

The lesson here is that mummy and daddy need to be more responsible and be absolutely certain there are no chemicals in her reach. While worrying about kitchen and bathroom cleaners I failed to protect her from the obvious things that I’ve always had lying around. I’d left it in a box out of her reach but it had fallen on the floor.

She is sleeping soundly now next to my husband and I can’t sleep. If she wakes again in pain then it’s off to hospital we go. This is one tough way to learn a lesson and is one of the scariest things I’ve experienced since she had colic up to about 5 months old. No one should have to learn a lesson this way so in short there’s some advice, more to me than to my readers, always check and double-check and triple check that the environment you put your child in is safe for them. Don’t take unnecessary risks.

Love and kisses to my Pumpkinella, mummy is very sorry and it won’t happen again x


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