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I’m super excited to have discovered the world of product testing even if it’s only on the smallest of scales. I’ve been lucky enough to be chosen for two new trials with Bzzagent! Who are they you might ask? Well they are a market research company that run surveys and trials of products in a very new-media-like way. They encourage testers to get on social media and feedback on products they testing. My first trial was for Lindt’s new Hello choccies. They were absolutely fantastic (trust me because I don’t say things like this lightly!) My favourite flavour was cookies and cream but I received around 1kg of chocolate in total so my product testing was ‘very’ thorough. I had to hide them from my husband at one point because chocolates are all the same to him and he would devour a 100g pack in less than a minute and not even care about the taste.

Lindt Hello UK
Lindt Hello UK

My second and current trial is currently underway and isn’t quite as yummy. It’s Hawaiian Tropic’s sun care range which includes spf sun cream and lots of after sun treatment and lotion. Now I know you must be wondering how on earth I’m going to get enough sun on me to really give it a try? Not only am I African and quite dark at that but it’s a cold cold February and I haven’t got any holiday plans in the sun over the next month or two. To answer this, a wise grandparent kindly mentioned that there is a lot to think about when using sun tan lotion than just getting yourself out in the sun with it. What does does is smell like? How absorbent is it? how easy is it to apply etc? There are lots of these types of questions that could be answered. These were great suggestions that hadn’t crossed my mind till they were mentioned. Another thing is that my husband is about as fair as you get, red hair, never tans and would go straight to burning with more than 15 minutes in the UK summer sun. He’ll be a great tester for this. We just need to get slightly more heat than we currently have now because even though the sunĀ  is out ready for spring it’s still quite wet and windy and not the type of outdoors-type weather yet.

Hawaiian Tropic Sun range

Earlier today I registered for another trial, Kingfisher products. By this I mean their beer and Indian curry kits! YUM!! This one I can’t wait for because I love cooking and experimenting. I can’t find pictures of their range of curries so it must be a new venture for them. Apparently I’ll get packs of spices and recipes as well as pre-made sauce bases and some beer to keep me chilled while enjoying the nosh. I’ll send an update on my experiences once I’m done but if your interested then head on over to and get yourself registered. You won’t regret it, your belly will thank you!

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