About me

The Liebster Award

I’ve noticed comments and tweets about Liebster Awards over the last couple of months and really didn’t have much of an idea about it. I assumed that the people who won them were from the elite ‘tots100’ type communities. And then it happened to me, I was nominated for a Liebster Award by @Mumwithbrain¬†and again shortly after by @firstooth ,¬† @_rainflower and @scandimummy. I was elated and humbled that anyone reads what I have to say and is interested in knowing more about me. I’ve since read a bit more on the Liebster Award and am such a fan of […]


Why start a mum blog?

In November 2013, my life changed beyond recognition. I became a mum, responsible for a wonderful little baby girl. She has inspired me to go beyond what I believed were my limits and see the world with new eyes. She forced me create more of an equal balance between my work life and family time so that after a hard day at work I would still have the energy and stamina to enjoy the company of my family at home. This blog is my special little project, taking a small but sure step toward building a respectable site that is […]