Themed Paw Patrol Birthday Party & Joosed! Giveaway

Pumpkinella will be 3 this November and I am SO excited to be planning the celebrations. the very first thing I do about 2 months before her birthday is to ask which of her favourite toys, cartoons, or superhero’s she’d like at her party. This gives me a theme to work with. For her first birthday she chose Raa Raa the noisy lion. For her second she chose Hey Duggee. Both birthday parties were amazing to organise and I’ll be doing a series of posts to show you just how I put them all together. This year however, Pumpkinella’s decided on […]


Beefeater Review Coldra Newport Cardiff 2015

I love cooking but equally love eating good food so I’m always in search of child-friendly places to take our family in order to enjoy a break from my normal kitchen duties. I also want my daughter to develop good restaurant manners (she’s somewhat lacking at the moment) and really the only way to do this is to try and find restaurants that make the family dining experience a pleasant one. Here’s look at one of my new child-friendly places to eat, the Beefeater restaurant in Coldra is just off the M4 by Newport. It’s got a great atmosphere, relaxed, but polished, and the staff go […]

Picture of a Beefeater burger

Toddler-friendly fish goujons

I’ve been starting to get back into my love for cooking and these toddler-friendly fish goujons were part of my attempts to experiment with food I don’t normally make. They only took about 10 minutes to rustle up one evening after looking through the cupboards for something to feed Pumpkinella baby. At 18 months old, she’s developed a fussiness for textures so I thought I’d experiment with this. They were yum, at least I thought so, and she managed to have one which I believe is a mini miracle. The recipe is so simple (50g flour, 1 egg, 1 cod fillet cut into strips, coconut […]

fish goujons

My Sunday Photo Week 19 – low GI goodness

I’ve decided that enough is enough. I need to lose some weight and get in shape. I have the number of a personal trainer, access to a free gym at work and an unhealthy relationship with food to break. Having flirted with the idea of a low GI diet I’ve decided to start my journey to getting and staying fit. My husband is going to do it with me so hopefully we’ll keep each other motivated. On to my first instalment of great meals. Using a recipe from prima’s 7 day eating plan and adapting it by Googling ideas for […]

Chicken brown rice aubergine low gi yumminess

Tarka dahl recipe by Anjum Anand

This is a wonderful recipe I discovered of Anjum’s; I can’t take any credit whatsoever. I hope you enjoy as much as i do as it’s definitely worth the effort. I’ve taken the recipe details below from BBC’s website. I hope you don’t feel this is cheating as I’m a lover of good food and only experiment when I don’t have specific ingredients I need.  On the last two occasions I’ve made this I have used tinned chopped tomatoes instead of fresh ones like the recipe says and I have also used galanghal when I didn’t have enough ginger. The […]

picture of tarka dahl