7 Reasons to visit Bluestone

This year, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to take a holiday with one of my oldest and dearest friends. Being someone who lives for holidays I was very excited at the prospect of my first group family holiday. Before becoming a mother, I loved city breaks.  Wondering the streets in search of local food haunts and unique sights were the main things on my agenda. However, now I have 2 and a half-year old  daughter who is energetic and impatient; this has slowly but surely led our traditional style of holidays in a different direction. The things I look […]


Is a Mark Warner holiday good for toddlers?

Is a Mark Warner holiday suitable for toddlers? I’ve tried and failed to answer this question for some time now. If you’ve read my last post about searching for suitable holidays for our family of three, you’ll have read about my mission to find the most suitable style of holiday to meet all our needs. Pumpkinella, at 21 months old now, wants to play, eat, watch television and play when and where she wants to. On the other hand, when I’m on holiday, I love to spend a few days just shopping, till my legs are sore or till i run out of […]

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Where to go on holiday with a toddler

I’ve really put the hours in for this year’s family holiday. I’ve been through and am still going checking the local suspects of travel web sites in search for just the right amount of excitement and relaxation for our 2 + 1 family. I’ve found lots of beautiful hotels and apartments but my jaw has dropped to see the prices being quoted for family style package holidays. With 27 days leave still left to take over the next 7 months I’m desperate to get away with the family and relax a little, away from day-to-day work (at home and at […]

12 baby holiday travel essentials

Let’s start with my most recent holiday and I’ll fill you in as we go along. I went with my husband and Pumpkinella to Chicago at the end of May this year. It was our first medium haul flight (I’m told long haul is going as far as Australia and Asia and this wasn’t quite as far).  Our journey started with a 4 and a half hour trip up the M4 from South Wales to London town where we visited my parents and stayed overnight so we’d feel refreshed for an early morning start. On the day of the holiday […]

Baby travel essentials

Essentials when flying with your baby

The Lewis family have just returned from a holiday in Chicago and I can safely say it was our best holiday yet! A four hour trip up the motorway from South Wales to London gave us the opportunity to stop by my parents house in North London and spend some time before our mid morning flight the following day. Then the 8+ hours on the flight direct from Heathrow to Chicago gave us the opportunity to play as well as rest knowing that we would gain 6 hours with the time zone difference and be in Chicago early afternoon time […]

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36 hours in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of those wonderous cities that never seems to lose its charm. It never ages and each time I visit I see it with new eyes. I’ve been visiting regularly,  around once a year, over the last 15 years now and  I’m rarely ever disappointed. At 16 months old Pumpkinella spent her first full day and night without mummy and daddy (two nights in fact). My husband’s parents agreed to look after her for the weekend to give us a little bit of quality time together. And what did I do? I planned a trip abroad as far […]

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