Life lessons

Welcome back pumpkinella baby – back to blogging

Welcome back pumpkinella baby – back to blogging Panic is over everyone, I’m back! It’s been several months since I last published anything but I’m finally back to blogging, back to my passion, back to Pumpkinella baby. It seems like so long ago since my last post. I continued to write but I kind of lost some of my confidence and felt that my words were to personal and heartfelt to share with the world. Instead, I inadvertently started what might otherwise be known as journal. It helped me through a tough start to 2017 and hopefully has set a […]

Be like a swan graceful but furiously paddling below the surface

Be like the swan, glide gracefully on the surface but paddle furiously beneath the water I’m normally full of apologies. I always think the next person is doing it better than me and has some mysterious nugget of wisdom that I can learn from. I am cool under pressure but only to the point where the pressure isn’t consistent and relenting. I can be soft, gentle, but have a sharp bite when I’m pushed too far. I used to be so timid that I would hold all my feelings inside, wearing a smile and offering jokes even in the face of criticism. But that […]


Hand foot and mouth virus in children

It’s actually a viral infection even though that’s what it’s called. It’s not the same as the hand, foot and mouth disease that animals get. Spots, blistering, general redness and soreness are some of the symptoms my beauty girl Pumpkinella endured over the last week. Even inside her mouth on her tongue and her throat. She had spots predominantly on her hands, face and bottom. The most annoying thing about the virus is knowing that I caused it by taking her to see a doctor after over a month of generally feeling unwell. I wanted them to check her over to be […]

A working mother’s internal struggles

Everyday that I say goodbye to my daughter and leave for work, I leave a piece of my heart behind. This is a little story about my feelings on being a working mother. Our bond is so much stronger than anything I’ve ever experienced before. I don’t even know when it started, maybe it was the day I found out I was expecting a baby. I was elated; my dream from a very young age was to be a mummy. It was overwhelming to know that this was finally on its way to becoming a reality. Fast forward nine months […]

What’s your motivation for blogging?

I’ve struggled to get a post out lately. There are so many things going on in my head and to do with my circumstances but finding a balance between what I feel I can share with my not-so-many readers, and what should remain personal and private is very difficult. There’s been a fantastic holiday with the family which I’ll definitely be writing about in due course.  Currently though I’m having a low period emotionally and can’t seem to find my happy. During times like this I question whether should be what I always envisaged, a place for inspiration and […]

The migrant crisis

It’s hard to miss the last few weeks of current affairs on immigration. Whether or not you watch the news, you’ve probably heard about the recent migrant crisis and have probably also seen the stark reality of it in the news, watching people risk their live desperate for some peace and safety. Well the thing is that I’m African and migrated to the UK with the rest of my family 26 years ago. I came from Nigeria, a nation vast, wealthy, and beautiful in landscape as well as culture. Sadly although still the case these days there’s so much corruption, greed […]