Themed Paw Patrol Birthday Party & Joosed! Giveaway

Pumpkinella will be 3 this November and I am SO excited to be planning the celebrations. the very first thing I do about 2 months before her birthday is to ask which of her favourite toys, cartoons, or superhero’s she’d like at her party. This gives me a theme to work with. For her first birthday she chose Raa Raa the noisy lion. For her second she chose Hey Duggee. Both birthday parties were amazing to organise and I’ll be doing a series of posts to show you just how I put them all together. This year however, Pumpkinella’s decided on […]


Hosting your WordPress site

Mess with your hosting and domain name provider at your peril. My web site went down for over a week and then was up and down intermittently over the couple of weeks after that. But why do you care? Well my contract was up for renewal with 1 and 1 and my last bill was a massive 5x more than my first year’s bill. As they generate the bills they also take out the money automatically using the bank details you have to give them when you first sign-up. I was shocked to see the prices so much more than when i originally signed up so […]


Happy new year – New promises for 2016

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016 I’ve been away over the festive period focusing on my family and trying desperately to unwind for the 9-5 grind. During the run up to christmas I wasn’t feeling particularly festive. I’m a Christian but have not been going to church over the last year. Christmas to me has always been about my faith; celebrating new life and new hope. However, because I’m not actively participating in Church life, events like the annual nativity and outreach in the local community are not currently a part of my life. As such things felt quite hollow. […]

happy new year 2016

The generosity of strangers in London

The generosity of strangers in a big city such as London amazes me. I’m humbled to be able to see people showing kindness to one another. I was fortunate enough last week to visit London for a week with my daughter Pumpkinella. I moved to Wales a little less than 10 years ago from London and all of my family are still there so I was excited to be able to spend a week with them and give Pumpkinella some quality time with them also. The drive into London was stressful as the behaviour of drivers is very different when compared […]

Pumpkinella in London town

Biracial baby hair care and coconut oil

This post is understandably close to my heart as I am Nigerian, born and partly raised there. My husband however is Welsh-born and raised. Living in London for most of my formative years there was such a wide blend of ethnicity that it never really crossed my mind that I could one day be in a place where I myself have questions about hair care. My hair texture is quite soft when you consider that it’s a big ball of Afro-puff in its natural and unrelaxed state. Up to the age of 16 my mother wouldn’t let me chemically straighten […]

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Black History Month Wales 2015

After living in South Wales for the best part of 8 years now you’d think I would know about events like this. Not only do I work in Cardiff Bay but the month-long celebrations for Black History Month have been taking place over the last 3 weeks and I haven’t even noticed. Full of cold, snivelling and feeling sorry for myself I thought it would be a good idea to start Saturday early and get out of the house for a while. Pumpkinella as-per usual was wide awake at around 6:30am so leaving the house at 9:30am was a pretty […]

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