For those low-down rotten days

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We’ve all had them, I’m currently having one, it’s a low day, a day, a week, a season when nothing seems to go quite your way and ‘fed-up’ could be THE biggest understatement.

Experiencing migraines is no easy trip. Having 28 or so years under my belt experiencing them still doesn’t prepare me for an attack. The aura, or not; the nausea, or not; what ever the symptoms are, it’s debilitating and the only way I’ve found that truly works to ease the pain is to take some time out. By time out I mean locking myself away in a dark quiet place and staying there however many hours (or days) it takes for my mind to feel whole again.

There are penalties to this that go beyond the pain. Routine with my daughter, cooking, tidying, washing up, laundry are amongst the many ‘joys’ that take a back seat for a while. And guess what? They continue to grow, as though the house is a forest and they are newly planted seeds. They flourish and eventually invade with the absence of anyone to hold them back or keep them at bay. So just as one headache starts to ease, it’s almost like a bad penny when I realise there’s a whole house worth of headaches just waiting for me to get better.

Like I said, it’s a low day; we all get them, things will be alright. This particular migraine is on day three but the mess in the house seems more like a day 30 kind of mess. I am reminded that it’s ok to have the rough days; just take a deep breath, exhale, and thank God that it’s not all on my shoulders. Asking for help, though prayer and though communication with your nearest and dearest will go a long way to making things all better again.

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