Forget terrible two’s – let’s welcome awesome two’s!

My baby girl is 21 months old this August and I can’t believe how time has flown by. She’s full of laughter and adventure and loves to be around other children. She adds several new words to her vocabulary every single day and her diction is near perfect. I don’t know how we got so lucky with such an amazing beauty.

With the new-found independence has come a struggle to be heard and understood. I can see in her eyes when she wants me to acknowledge something she’s said but as much of her sentences are still incomprehensible, I find myself nodding saying ‘oh really’ and ‘that’s great honey’. I know I’d be annoyed if I were to ask and get a random answer like that so I totally understand how she feels.

I wish I’d kept the link to this but I read an article yesterday which explained that there are two critical ages where brain development is at its peak. At the age of two and in early teenage years 12/13. The article mentioned that these were key stages for a child’s brain to take on new languages and skills, building complex neural networks that will shape and mould their behaviour forever. It mentioned that children who had been through some trauma during these ages were likely to be affected in adult life as their brain development would vary from the norm to try to adapt. ┬áThe article says that although memories of traumatic events would likely to fade for 2 year olds, as their brain development is fundamentally altered by their experiences then it can have lasting effects into adulthood such as such as where the child grows up more dependant on specific people that they trust, or have trouble building and maintaining relationships etc.. This article made me wonder about how my daughter was doing. Are there things in her life that could potentially hinder her from reaching her full potential? I work full-time and miss every waking moment I’m not with her because I see her as my mirror, the unscathed version of me. She is growing up so fast and as I’m not always around she’s subject to many other influences, some of which I am not aware of.

As parents we do our best to bring up kind, responsible children that can hopefully make a positive difference in the world. We pray that despite the bumpy stages of life, that they remain functional and balanced. My note or even my advice here is to cherish all the moments during childhood (and beyond) that we share with our kids; they after oftentimes gone too quickly. Finally we should guard our children against unkind words to each other, unkind emotions targeted at ourselves as well as others and finally against the repercussions of our bad choices. Lets make our children’s development as nurturing and loving as possible so that the next generation are afforded every chance in life to succeed and excel.

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