Be like a swan graceful but furiously paddling below the surface


Be like the swan, glide gracefully on the surface but paddle furiously beneath the water

I’m normally full of apologies. I always think the next person is doing it better than me and has some mysterious nugget of wisdom that I can learn from. I am cool under pressure but only to the point where the pressure isn’t consistent and relenting. I can be soft, gentle, but have a sharp bite when I’m pushed too far. I used to be so timid that I would hold all my feelings inside, wearing a smile and offering jokes even in the face of criticism. But that girl had to grow up and find other ways to deal with pressure and difficult people.

But no longer am I that person. Life has taught me to be less fearful of people’s impression of me. They can like me or hate me but I won’t allow them to hurt me. Yes it does mean I may bite a little harder, and I may demand more from those around me. I still and alway swill aim for the best, mediocre is boring and frustrating. When I see a window of opportunity to make things better, even when it’s about me, I’m irritated to the point that I have to do something about it otherwise it drives me crazy.

What life teaches me today is that it’s ok to wake up wanting the best of the day. It’s the most challenging and rewarding thing to do things the right way and see the rewards of doing so. It is grates on me to see people are content to live in their mediocrity but it’s reassuring that I can still see the light under the dingy dark tunnels and still more want more for myself.

I want to be that person who has it all together on the surface, cool and collected. I may question things and demand the best from those around me, but at the end of the day I can accept that we are all on a journey, and we’ll all reach our destinations in our own time. I also want to be that person who, just below the surface, I’m working like mad, on myself, on achieving my dreams, and on moving forward no matter what.

I’m grateful for change. I’m grateful that I understand that I deserve respect, that I’ve earned the right to speak up in areas where I’m well-studied and experienced. No matter how many people try to put me down, I won’t be silenced.

That’s essentially my little nugget of truth to all my readers. It may seem like a difficult and sometimes scary journey when reflecting on yourself and wanting more out of life. However life’s biggest achievements can only be accomplished by overcoming life’s greatest obstacles.

Shine bright



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    Really enjoyed reading this post and I do think life teaches as so much along the way and with age you become more comfortable with yourself and care less about what other people think especially if it’s negative.

    Laura x

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