Happy Sunday

For the first time in around 5 months, my folks have come to visit and it’s been a lovely weekend. I miss my mummy and daddy loads! Although I’m in Cardiff and they’re in London, we might as well be abroad in terms of how often we see each other. It’s a real shame because I had always wanted my daughter to have a great relationship with both mine and my husband’s families. However, in this busy world, everyone is always too busy, even to say the odd hello every now and again.

I do miss my family but it’s hard packing up and leaving for a weekend trip to see the family when we know we’d have to be house hopping the entire time as many of the family wouldn’t come to us.
It’s amazing how much time I thought I didn’t have while I was on maternity leave because now I’m working from Monday to Thursday, I really have no time at all.
Does anyone else feel like that? Child or no child, the realities of family life mean that I’m juggling several balls at any one time and on occasion one if those balls fall, currently the social-life ball.
I had my second date night since Pumpkinella was born this Friday just gone. Even just a meal with Mr Pumpkinella makes all the difference to my state of mind. It’s surreal that one little baby has changed life fundamentally for me. Can anyone else relate


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