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I’ve been fighting with myself and deliberating over this one for a couple of years now to my husbands great disappointment. We have a 2 year old daughter who’s obsessed with tv shows like Hey Duggee (I love this one too), Bing, Go Jetters ( great job BBC!) and Raa Raa The Noisey Lion. As such we try and keep the tv off as often as we can to give her a chance to play and do other fun things. The thing is though that it’s winter…and it’s cold. I don’t like the cold and I don’t like going to our local parks, beaches or even just taking a stroll when temperatures are in single digits. I just want to cuddle up with a cup of hot chocolate watching corny TV or kids shows with my daughter.

So when our 37 inch tv blew up last year, my husband and I had opposing views about what to do. We’d paid for a custom media unit with enough room for a 50 inch tv to be installed but now that we actually had the opportunity to replace it I just looked at my daughter and thought she would NEVER be able tear herself away from the telly if we got a new top of the range one as big as our room could accommodate. However I had found an amazing television from Panasonic that I wanted. How could I buy it though when I thought about how much time then that my daughter would then spend watching it!

Luckily before the arguments begun, our in laws decided they could part with one of the 4 TVs they already had (one in each room). It was a 32 inch Toshiba 1080 so we definitely felt the difference but free is free at the end of the day so we gratefully accepted it. Over the last year though, the longing for one of the new cooler styles has grown. LED, 4K, curved, 3D….the choice seems endless.

Now as my husband and I absolutely love new gadgets I felt like I had to share with you my budget-busting, bargain hunting road to our new tv. We are still not agreed on the size yet but our in laws, who look after our daughter in the daytime, recently upgraded to a new 43 inch 4K LED  LG tv and my husband hasn’t stopped going on about a new to since.

As our daughter is in theory now already used to a bigger tv my hesitations about how often she spends in front of one have shifted a bit, not to how big it is but simply how long it’s on for. I know my very sensible readers are probably thinking at this point that I should never have focused on size and should always instead have tried to sure my daughter has a balanced and varied routine. So in anticipation of such feedback, and a massive temptation to be able to sit in front of a brand spanking ne telly that makes me feel like I’m in a cinema, here’s my lowdown on the best value TVs I’ve found on the market today. They are all suitable for a modest home so any high rollers just think bigger and grander while I bring you my list of practical yet excellent choices.


PANASONIC VIERA TX-48CX350B Smart 3D Ultra HD 4k 48″ LED TV (Found at Curry’s as of 24th Feb 2016

Check out at £399 for more information about 4K TVs. I’m totally sold as thy are a superior quality to the normal HD ones. 
It’s such a beauty to behold isn’t it. It’s got free view, the YouTube app and the BBC iPlayer apps pre-installed. It’s also got 3 HDMI ports to connect external speakers and other media.



Check out at £349

40 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Android TV Freeview HD (Richer sounds as of 23rd Feb 2016) 

3. Panasonic TX-65CX410B 65 Inch Smart Viera 4K 3D TV + HDMI Cable (found at Costco as of 21st Feb 2016 at £529.99)

This one is a 3D model so I’ve had to factor in buying some more 3D glasses backside toddler + glasses = breakage. I’m not too sure though whether the whole 3D craze hasn’t phased out to be replaced by smart curved versions.

So these are my top 3 based on price and quality.

I thought I might need a little more convincing (not so much though) so I also searched for and read several articles about 4K and LED TVs, to satisfy myself that they wouldn’t become yesterday’s news by the time we actually bought one.  I looked for articles online describing their benefits and longevity. This one was quite a fair assessment of the current market and future trends so I definitely think it’s worth a read before taking the leap to buy a new television.

Here’s our before picture to give you an idea of the room and space we have. Hope to see you back soon with an update on the tv of choice and how hopefully our daughter hasn’t broken it or drawn all over it!

Have a great day!

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