How I miss my City Mini GT

So before Pumpkinella was born I did some serious market research on pushchairs. I went to every shop on the high street, from Mothercare to Kiddicare to John Lewis, I could go on. I tested every last pushchair and the one thing they all had in common was that they were quite heavy, at between 10 and 15kg. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a skinny-Marie and I am used to buying too much during a shopping trip and having to carry heavy bags to the car. However I felt that I needed to at least be able to pick up my folded pushchair as I would need to get it in and out of the car by myself while my husband wasn’t around.

When I first saw reviews about baby jogger pushchairs I was blown away by how great they were. The Which reviews had them on top of the pile year after year, particularly the city mini GT. The hood was extended so I could imagine long naps in it. It was suitable for newborns but also for older kids, up to the age of 4. It was a 3-wheeler and I thought that made it super manoeuvrable though my husband would say it was slightly less stable than a 4-wheeler.

I read so any reviews I was super convinced it was the pushchair for me. It needed a separate rain cover and adaptor for the pushchair but they were reasonably priced.

At about 6 months pregnant I saw the pushchair for sale on and as I could also get points to spend on things like nappies. I bought it right away and couldn’t wait for Pumpkinella to use it.

And as soon as she was born and we could take her out for a walk, we assembled the pushchair and revelled in its ease of use. The brake was on the side of the arm of the pushchair, the wheels clipped on and off easily, there was a one hand fold, my favourite feature, but best of all, my daughter liked it.

We loved our city mini GT for about 4 months of use. I was obsessed with it as Pumpkinella would even have her daytime naps in it at 3 months old. It was the only place she felt completely comfortable. Then it happened, my parents-in-law were setting it up ready to take her out and the hand brake malfunctioned! It just dropped working. I was not a happy bunny. Then came comments about it not being so stable when going from the pavement to cross the road. All in all, my family weren’t as obsessed about it as I was. I was able to get a refund on it but sadly wasn’t allowed to buy another of it. I still miss it and would pick it over any pushchair any day. It’s recently had a mini facelift and if it came in pink or a soft purple is have definitely impulse-bought it against my husband’s wishes.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be and my husband make an executive decision to purchase a sola city pushchair from mamas and papas to replace it. I couldn’t decide on another pushchair to buy as I was stuck on my city mini. The sola city had some perks in that it had a rain cover included and could be a both forward and parent facing. The downsides now we have had a chance to use it are that it is heavier than the city mini gt and as such harder to manoeuvre, the basket drags on the floor and the fabric wears away, it’s not compact when folded and the wheels need to be taken off to get it in my Vauxhall Corsa. Finally, it’s no city mini GT!

As you can probably guess, I don’t love our latest pushchair and am on a mission to get another one. As soon as I’ve saved up the cash, I am definitely getting another one. It’s got to be lighter, more nippy, compact, and more girly than the blue sola city we currently have.

Suggestions please fellow readers, what would your choice be?



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    1. patfola Post

      It’s absolutely gorgeous with the extended good, thicker fabric, prettier range of colours….I could go on! Had it been available when we got our bulky sola city there would have been no contest whatsoever! I’d have to buy it in secret lol!

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