I’ve got man-flu but I’m a girl

It’s official, I’m wallowing in self pity because I have a bad head, am snivelling, and I’m exhausted. With only 4 days to go till our family holiday to Greece with Mark Warner holidays, I don’t have the energy to even start packing.

There’s a mound of washed and dried laundry, a growing chaos of clutter and general rubble around the house and a tired husband trying to help but not very much.

The sunny side to this is that hopefully I’ve caught the cold at the right time and it’ll be gone by Saturday when we fly out. The not-so-great thing is the sneezing, blocked nose and headache that just continues to persist even after 3 days.

I have a newfound respect for men who complain that they have the flu. I never think I’m ill enough to call my condition the flu but it sure feels close. I want to crawl into bed and be waited on and nursed back to health but sadly there’s a baby to look after, a job to get to, and a home to maintain. 

Wish me luck!

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