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The wonderful people at Bensons the Juicers recently contacted me to see whether Pumpkinella would like to try their new range of children juice drinks. I find it difficult to get her to drink anything other than milk and that can cause problems because she’s also a fussy eater and only eats white food at the moment.


I know Pumpkinella loves fruit so the big question was how she would handle a bottle of fruit juice, something she’s been shunning for over 6 months now.

I needn’t have been concerned though because as soon as she saw the bottles, she picked out the apple and orange juice bottle and asked me to open it. She promptly guzzled it down to my excitement and relief. It was a proud parent moment to see my fussy child trying something new and loving it. Don’t get me wrong, I always offer her variety but my little beauty exercises her freedom of choice and declines most things I offer.


Completely over the moon that I’ve found a drink that is both healthy and mixed to the right level so that it’s not too sweet, I’m definitely going to be keeping a stash of these in the cupboards from now on.

The wonderful folks at Bensons offered my readers a chance to win a case of the Joosed! Junior drinks containing a pack of each of the flavours available.


If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning these, please click on the link below and enter. The more entries you place the bigger your chance of winningΒ !

Giveaway Link

Win a case of Joosed! Junior drinks

Good luck and see you soon when the winner is announced!

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