Low GI goodness cod and pineapple salsa

Wild rice with cod

Here’s another installment in my aventures of low GI goodness. A couple of months ago, I decided that the 3 stones I’ve gained since I quit breastfeeding have hung around for too long and have got to go. I researched ways to shift the weight and was excited to try the  low GI regime. I used to have problems regulating my blood sugar levels and was advised to try eating this way years ago, however my lifestyle at the time meant I was too busy to cook and it therefore just wasn’t possible. With healthy food  making a resurgence at the moment, it was so easy to incorporate this into my day-to-day life.

I try not to call this a diet as I’m eating well and it’s a change in lifestyle habits rather than a temporary weight loss plan.

Today’s dinner is brown and wild rice with cod and summer dressing of pineapple, cucumber, lime, coriander and chilli. It’s absolutely yummy and very filling.

Thanks to the app Fit Men Cook, my husband looks for recipes such as this one and I adapt them to get the best flavours while keeping the GI as low as possible. I add different herbs and spices to taste but on occasion I don’t mess with a perfect recipe.

I have much more energy these days as well as an improved stamina. I’ve made no other lifestyle changes other than to my diet and am certainly noticing the results.

I will of course be introducing more exercise into my routine in order to see better results but I have it on good authority that up to 80% of weight loss is down to our diets. There’s no better way to improve your diet than by eating yummy food that just so happens to also be healthy.

If you’d like any recipes for the meals I’m sharing please get in touch and I’ll forward it on. I tweak everything I make to my own taste but if you’d rather, download the Fit Men Cook app and enjoy the original recipes!

Low GI Wild rice cod1

Wild rice with cod

Wild rice with cod, pineapple and cucumber

Wild rice and cod with pineapple andcucumber
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