Newly toddling

My toddling daughter is now 13 months old and has a new found confidence. She goes where she wants, eats what she wants and won’t nap if she doesn’t want to. She’s also bravely taking steps on her own and to my terror insists on doing this while at a restaurant. The waiters and waitresses have strained smiles thinking ‘we don’t have the space for kids to run around’ but I’m powerless to stop her as I know full well she’ll scream the place down if I don’t let her and it’s too cold to walk outside.

It’s a whole new game now she’s walking. The rules are few, obey her or suffer the consequences. I feel anxious, tired, and concerned. Concerned that as mummy and daddy were the ones that wanted to go out to a restaurant and Pumpkinella had no say in it, we at least have to make the experience as fun for her as possible.

I finally feel like a mother now. Multitasking has never been my strongest point but it’s absolutely essential to making sure Pumpkinella is ok when we go out. However it’s tiring and relentless.

She is so wonderful that sometimes I’m in awe to have been entrusted with such a precious gift.

It feels wrong to feel overwhelmed, which I do and it also seems selfish to wish for temporary timeouts but I do. Here’s to the brave new world!

Pumpkinella baby in a restaurant with mummy
Pumpkinella in a restaurant



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    Katie @mummydaddyme

    I remember this stage with my eldest daughter and then I must admit I wasn’t in a hurry for my youngest to start walking- it is just a whole new world when they do it. But they do look incredibly cute when they toddle along though. 😉

    1. patfola Post

      Thanks Katie! They’re absolutely yummy aren’t they! Part of me is sad she doesn’t need me so much but the other part of me is so proud at every single step she takes!

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