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As a first time mother, while I was pregnant with my daughter, I worried about pretty much everything. After 9 blissful weeks with just a positive pregnancy test result I started to get morning sickness. I googled and googled all the time to find out what was normal and what wasn’t. I didn’t know a person could feel so rough with such a special package growing inside them. As the pregnancy went on, I felt invaded and searched frantically for ways to cope with different emotions and my changing body. Once I was over the worst of the morning sickness, […]

The Hoover Wi-Fi cooker will save my bacon every time

I know this is quite removed from my usual topics but I’m bursting at the seams to be able to share this with you. And I can’t believe it. Here i was looking for a new induction hob online and wanting something quite flexible which would allow me to cook with lots of different sizes pots easily. I thought it was a joke when I came across the Hoover Wizard induction hob. I had to take a closer look. My husband’s a techie who loves new gadgets and I’m a wannabe techie obsessed with getting a good bargain. I saw […]

Happy new year – New promises for 2016

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016 I’ve been away over the festive period focusing on my family and trying desperately to unwind for the 9-5 grind. During the run up to christmas I wasn’t feeling particularly festive. I’m a Christian but have not been going to church over the last year. Christmas to me has always been about my faith; celebrating new life and new hope. However, because I’m not actively participating in Church life, events like the annual nativity and outreach in the local community are not currently a part of my life. As such things felt quite hollow. […]

happy new year 2016

The generosity of strangers in London

The generosity of strangers in a big city such as London amazes me. I’m humbled to be able to see people showing kindness to one another. I was fortunate enough last week to visit London for a week with my daughter Pumpkinella. I moved to Wales a little less than 10 years ago from London and all of my family are still there so I was excited to be able to spend a week with them and give Pumpkinella some quality time with them also. The drive into London was stressful as the behaviour of drivers is very different when compared […]

Pumpkinella in London town

Biracial baby hair care and coconut oil

This post is understandably close to my heart as I am Nigerian, born and partly raised there. My husband however is Welsh-born and raised. Living in London for most of my formative years there was such a wide blend of ethnicity that it never really crossed my mind that I could one day be in a place where I myself have questions about hair care. My hair texture is quite soft when you consider that it’s a big ball of Afro-puff in its natural and unrelaxed state. Up to the age of 16 my mother wouldn’t let me chemically straighten […]

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