Product Review: Pumpkinella’s Bumbo

Before we had our lovely Pumpkinella, I was already on the lookout for all the best gadgets, accessories and equipment for her. I researched every single product I purchase because I wanted it to be just right. One of the first things I purchased was a Bumbo. I bought it at a Boots baby event and there wasn’t much of a choice in colour but green is classically neutral and Pumpkinella did not want us to know her gender.

When I got it home, I proceeded to unpacking it to assemble. How easy that was with just 3 parts;

  1. The seat
  2. The tray
  3. The leg separator

It was a piece of cake to set up and I was very excited at the prospect of using it.

After Pumpkinella was born, it was only about 8 weeks before I took the opportunity to use it. As she couldn’t yet sit up unaided, I needed to find a way of getting to the loo, having a shower and doing chores and Pumpkinella would not be left alone, not ever.

What a life saver the Bumbo was, I was able to use it in short bursts of up to 10 minutes at a time while she would watch me. It was stable and I didn’t need the tray as there were straps on the seat.

Pumpkinella finally used the Bumbo to feed at 6 months old. I was fortunate enough to be able to nurse her since birth so I didn’t see the need to rush the weaning process. I was able to put her on top of the dining table for her first tastes of cucumber and Greek yoghurt. She loved both. Avocado wasn’t as easy as it was too slippery for her to hold. The Bumbo was very easy to clean, lightweight and portable. I went back to read the instructions at one point and noticed it said never to have the Bumbo on a surface like a table, always on the floor as babies could wriggle out of them. I didn’t believe this at all but still put her down on the floor and sure enough I was witnessed Pumpkinella trying to make a run for it at 7 months on the one occasion I forgot to strap her in. If she had been on a table I’m terrified to think what could have happened. Thank goodness for safety and instruction manuals!

I took the Bumbo with me to trips to see my parents in London and it was great not needing a big highchair.

At about 8 months old, Pumpkinella flatly refused to go in the Bumbo any longer. She was strong enough to move it around and so I had to retire it for fear she might flip it over with herself still in it. I haven’t packed it away yet but would say it’s been one of my best buys as I don’t know how I would have gotten anything done without it.

I would definitely recommend this to any new mummies.

It’s priced at between £25 and £40 and available at most supermarkets and baby shops.

Check out and don’t forget to ready the safety instructions before first use.


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