Welcome back pumpkinella baby – back to blogging

Welcome back pumpkinella baby – back to blogging

Panic is over everyone, I’m back! It’s been several months since I last published anything but I’m finally back to blogging, back to my passion, back to Pumpkinella baby. It seems like so long ago since my last post. I continued to write but I kind of lost some of my confidence and felt that my words were to personal and heartfelt to share with the world. Instead, I inadvertently started what might otherwise be known as journal. It helped me through a tough start to 2017 and hopefully has set a more positive course for the rest of 2017.

I’ve done so much already this year that I almost feel a bit burnt out. However, I know it feels like that because I came out of my comfort zone. I’ve had 2 new jobs this year already and here’s hoping the second one goes well and takes me to the next level, in terms of my confidence and personal development. Sometimes a job can feel like life itself. It’s been a focal point for me for so long because I felt I needed one that I could be passionate about. Being well aware that at the very it’s a means to an end, I know many people settle for the slog and normalcy of a regular gig. However my jobs over the last decade seem to have taken me further and further away from the things I love, the people I love. This would be a sacrifice you could understand if it was fulfilling and rewarding. However, I’ve found myself feeling increasing stressed out, overcompensating to try to do a great job when what I now realise is that if I have a job that I love and am passionate about, it won’t feel like such hard work.

Because of my work, I miss out on the school runs, on family meal times, and even on the precious little time with just the family during the weekends. Instead I’ve spent too much time worrying myself senseless and reached the point of burnout. My blogging fell to the waste side completely, and it became harder and harder to come back to it the longer I was away for.

So I decided to chase my career ambitions. I decided to start ticking off my bucket list and if for any reason things don’t work out, I’ll simply move on to the next wish, dream, ambition. It will work out if I come home in good spirits, with enough time to talk to my daughter about her day, play with her, and read her stories before bedtime. It will be the right decision if it means I finally have the time and space to¬†deal with¬†other personal issues I’ve push way down my list of priorities for the sake of self-preservation up till now.

I’m so happy to be blogging again. 2017 will be my year and I hope you’ll join me in the journey, wherever it leads. Onwards and upwards!! I’ll leave you with an image that describes how I’m feeling, the sense that I’m on a journey, armed and ready with everything I need, determined to make this my year. Have fun and see you again soon.

Welcome to 2017 Pumpkinella

Welcome back Pumpkinella baby – welcome back to blogging


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