Why start a mum blog?

Fola Lewis

In November 2013, my life changed beyond recognition. I became a mum, responsible for a wonderful little baby girl. She has inspired me to go beyond what I believed were my limits and see the world with new eyes. She forced me create more of an equal balance between my work life and family time so that after a hard day at work I would still have the energy and stamina to enjoy the company of my family at home. This blog is my special little project, taking a small but sure step toward building a respectable site that is a go-to for advice, and inspiration. Hopefully as time goes by I’ll show you just how I’ve made my little world a happier place and just maybe it might inspire you too. My blog primarily focuses on all things that put a smile on my face. This includes my love of shopping and spoiling my family. I will give reviews on the many amazing products that have gotten through the last 16 months with our family.

Of course, as new-ish mum, my precious baby girl Nia who I also call my little Pumpkinella on this site, is my main inspiration. You’ll hear a lot about her and our adventures. However, it doesn’t all end with my being a mum, I like to be creative and some of my craftiness will be on display eventually to hopefully get your creative juices flowing. Also I’ll have some general posts of things I find interesting be it fashion, technology, and some completely random things. 

Looking back at my pregnancy I was very receptive to ideas and suggestions people gave me. Good, bad, and ugly, I’ll whittle through the best bits for you to explain how to get through it with minimal tears (mum, dad and extended family too). I welcome everyone who wants to share this journey with me!

I would love to work with other bloggers and companies interested in my views and partnering with me. You can contact me via the contact form or directly at patfola@yahoo.com.

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