Supermarkets and their broken promises to our children

Supermarkets have and continue to break their promises to us by constantly re-introducing confectionery on till fronts.

This post is one that’s quite close to my heart. How long ago was it now that a campaign launched against having sweets and chocolates at the till points in supermarkets? I’ve read reports, magazine articles, and watched programmes about this over the last 20 years. However as you can see from the examples below although our supermarkets say they’re trying, the evidence, when you go for your next supermarket shop is plain and clear to see, they’re just o trying hard enough.

Is it me or do you agree that there seems to be a form of supermarket amnesia occurring? This issue keeps coming around like a bad penny. Even in the wake of Jamie Oliver’s campaign to tax sweet things, our children are being specifically targeted over and over with sweets and chocolates; it’s not fair.

I understand that it’s not just the children who are targeted but also adults and some would argue that it’s a choice, not compulsory. However at the point when approaching the top of the till, it’s an unnecessary final impulse buy and drives children crazy. My now 23 month old daughter loves fruits and vegetables. I’m a very relieved mother who is able to say this after nearly two years of encouraging healthy eating habits it our household this. She’s also very adventurous with her food in general and as such I don’t mind her having the odd chocolate button.

However, it’s very difficult to continually have to say no to our child when approaching the end of a food shop. The hard work in helping my child get excited about supermarket shopping in general, the successful negotiations to explain that it’s not always necessary to have a toy or other treat as a reward for their good behaviour, is all undone when we get our wallets out to pay and notice that our child has seen a bag of sweets and is about to scream blue murder unless we say yes at that very moment.

Please supermarkets, I am appealing to your better nature, your social responsibility, and your existing promises; refrain from selling sweets, chocolates and any other kind of confectionery in general at your till points. I’m willing and able to navigate my way to the confectionery isles myself when i want some chocolate and yes i will buy some for my daughter but i would like to do this on my own terms and not be guilted by these forms of targeted sales.

If there are any parents that share my concern then please show your support and let your councils know as well as your supermarkets that it’s not OK and these sales tactics need to be stopped, again and for good this time!

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