Surviving the dreaded cold

Well I’m not sure I’m currently surviving it, more like knee-deep in it. I got it first then my daughter and now her nanny who looks after her. I’m really into reading articles from websites like which breaks down parenting and child development into stages so you can see what should be happening on a month by month basis. However as I’m the one that first caught and spread this strain of cold, I haven’t had the chance to look at things to do to help little Pumpkinella.

With her nose all bunged up, drooling everywhere, and 4 top teeth literally just bursting through I can’t imagine this last week has been particularly fun for her. She’s normally up every 2 hours after midnight, wanting a feed and a cuddle and with her new teeth, I’ve gone back to breastfeeding and not giving her a bottle. But over the last week, she’s not really been interested in feeding and part of me wonders whether it’s my supply that’s low as I’m also under the weather. So one tip from this is to express when she’s off her milk, this way your supply can be maintained.

How to cope with night-time feeds when I am not feeling well? Well my answer is that there’s no easy way. I wake my husband up to go give Pumpkinella a hug and get her back off to sleep but find 70% of the time she just wants me, even when she’s not interested in a feed. So another top tip, encourage a strong relationship with your baby and their dad, step back when they are doing things together to allow the┬ábond to develop; it’s not fair trying to reinforce this only when the baby is sick as it only drives everyone crazy. I need this piece of advice very badly as I’m always running over saying what I think she needs, how she should be treated and what my husband should do. Then, when he has our daughter, he’s unsure what decisions to make without me and our daughter seems to miss me.

So I go in and attempt to nurse her and half the time she latches on, has a drink followed by a cuddle and then relaxes in my arms. Before she falls asleep I put her down in her bed and normally she would kick up a fuss and end up in bed with us but with this cold, she seems I like having her own space, bonus! This means I can try to get some sleep and get ready for the next round.

Here are some products I’ve found that have helped day a night with Pumpkinella’s stuffy nose:

Olbas for babies – on some tissue and layered between her two tops that she is wearing.

Vapour rub – liberally applied on her chest and on her feed at, night. Lots of people have said putting it on their feet work but no one knows why. Not to worry though as I’m happy to try it.

And while nursing, all the traditionally over the counter cold and flu medicines are a no-go so Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, lemon with honey in hot water are my medicines of choice. Oh and lots of hot showers. Will let you I so how I get on soon.

Can anyone suggest any other good tips they have?

Let’s hope we all get over this cold soon and post some more fun topics.

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