Biracial baby hair care and coconut oil

This post is understandably close to my heart as I am Nigerian, born and partly raised there. My husband however is Welsh-born and raised. Living in London for most of my formative years there was such a wide blend of ethnicity that it never really crossed my mind that I could one day be in a place where I myself have questions about hair care. My hair texture is quite soft when you consider that it’s a big ball of Afro-puff in its natural and unrelaxed state. Up to the age of 16 my mother wouldn’t let me chemically straighten […]

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Black History Month Wales 2015

After living in South Wales for the best part of 8 years now you’d think I would know about events like this. Not only do I work in Cardiff Bay but the month-long celebrations for Black History Month have been taking place over the last 3 weeks and I haven’t even noticed. Full of cold, snivelling and feeling sorry for myself I thought it would be a good idea to start Saturday early and get out of the house for a while. Pumpkinella as-per usual was wide awake at around 6:30am so leaving the house at 9:30am was a pretty […]

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