What’s your motivation for blogging?

I’ve struggled to get a post out lately. There are so many things going on in my head and to do with my circumstances but finding a balance between what I feel I can share with my not-so-many readers, and what should remain personal and private is very difficult. There’s been a fantastic holiday with the family which I’ll definitely be writing about in due course.  Currently though I’m having a low period emotionally and can’t seem to find my happy. During times like this I question whether should be what I always envisaged, a place for inspiration and […]

Am I all I dreamed I’d be?

 Am I everything I wanted to be? Have I not already had 33 years of trying to accomplish my goals? Is it unreasonable after all that time to now complain about being unhappy with where I am when I’m clearly not doing anything about it? A mark of greatness is perseverance…… What have I challenged myself to do lately and what have actually committed to? Why is it that some days I wish I’d never left the warmth and comfort of my bed? Things go from bad to worse and end up as ‘you have GOT to be kidding me’! Tomorrow […]

Inspirational quote on dreams and aspirations