Welcome back pumpkinella baby – back to blogging

Welcome back pumpkinella baby – back to blogging Panic is over everyone, I’m back! It’s been several months since I last published anything but I’m finally back to blogging, back to my passion, back to Pumpkinella baby. It seems like so long ago since my last post. I continued to write but I kind of lost some of my confidence and felt that my words were to personal and heartfelt to share with the world. Instead, I inadvertently started what might otherwise be known as journal. It helped me through a tough start to 2017 and hopefully has set a […]

Avoid writing bad blog posts

I’ve read a lot of articles lately about how to manage a good blog, gain readers and improve your network. It seems like there is just so much to learn and countless things you need to do to get more people looking at your blog. However there aren’t many places to go to for advice on managing a blog while working full-time and looking after a boddler (baby/ toddler) and a husband. This combination creates a degree of uncertainty about when your next post will come and how you’re going to tell enough people about it to get them to come […]

bad blog post