I found out through a Google search my friend died

This is one of my more difficult posts. He is always on my mind and I will never forget him. I know this might not all come across the way it does in my mind but words have failed me up to this point and I do need to address these feelings one way or the other. I had a friend whom I met in a chat room, back when I was a teenager and obsessed with the Internet and chat rooms. I don’t remember now what caused our paths to cross but what connected us was the desire to cherish life and […]

The truth about making grown-up friendships

I haven’t successfully managed to accomplish this goal in recent months; to find meaningful new friendships with other adults; but I’m going to write a few choice words anyway. I’m privileged to live the life I do. I don’t worry very much when it comes to finances; I always seem to have enough for what my family and I need (I call this favour as I’m not great with budgeting and nor is my husband) but you can call it luck if you like. I may not struggle with money, have a wonderful husband and a daughter whose love surpasses all […]


Grateful Day 2

I’m so very grateful I have a husband that adores me and our daughter. He’s up most nights making a bottle for Pumpkinella during the wake ‘n’ play dates she has with us. He doesn’t enjoy his job but he wants us to have the best things so he braves each day, regardless of whether he feels unwell or not. We were married, bought a house and had Pumpkinella within two years and that’s unsurprisingly taken its toll on our relationship. However, he never forgets to say he loves me, kiss me, and hug me, even when I don’t particularly […]

Mummy and Pumpkinella baby duvet day