Welcome back pumpkinella baby – back to blogging

Welcome back pumpkinella baby – back to blogging Panic is over everyone, I’m back! It’s been several months since I last published anything but I’m finally back to blogging, back to my passion, back to Pumpkinella baby. It seems like so long ago since my last post. I continued to write but I kind of lost some of my confidence and felt that my words were to personal and heartfelt to share with the world. Instead, I inadvertently started what might otherwise be known as journal. It helped me through a tough start to 2017 and hopefully has set a […]

Grateful Day 3 – Feeling better

Waking up to a child struggling to breathe one night and then coughing blood another night is heartbreaking. Not knowing if it’s serious and hearing lots of opinions but no one able to make her any better, just makes you feel helpless. Thank you God for keeping her safe even amidst the fear! She’s on the mend now and no one could ever tell she was quite so poorly just days earlier. Before   After

Grateful Day 2

I’m so very grateful I have a husband that adores me and our daughter. He’s up most nights making a bottle for Pumpkinella during the wake ‘n’ play dates she has with us. He doesn’t enjoy his job but he wants us to have the best things so he braves each day, regardless of whether he feels unwell or not. We were married, bought a house and had Pumpkinella within two years and that’s unsurprisingly taken its toll on our relationship. However, he never forgets to say he loves me, kiss me, and hug me, even when I don’t particularly […]

Mummy and Pumpkinella baby duvet day

Grateful Day 1

I’ve made a decision to think and behave differently, to be grateful for all the things in my life that go unnoticed while I moan and complain about everything else. Since becoming a mummy, I’ve felt differently. Although I’m ecstatic to be mummy and a wife, I seem to find a reason to wish each day away every single day. Today however is a new day. Starting from today I’m going to blog about at least one thing grateful for everyday. This is asking a lot for a girl that tries very hard to post a blog just once a […]