I want to be enough

I’ve been suffering from migraines lately and after a particularly bad episode last week, I recovered and went straight on to catching a cold from my daughter. Not a great start to the week admittedly. Then there’s work. I’m feeling particularly anxious at the moment. I know what I need to do and I could be great at my job but something is missing. My passion is missing and this makes me question my abilities and procrastinate over things I need to get done. All of these feelings manifest themselves as arguments with my husband and once the gates open, all […]

Journey of rediscovery, will you join me?

I heard a song on television today that inspired this post it was called ‘I still love’ by Nicki Minaj (inspired chorus), made me somewhat emotional and took me off on a journey of discovery, looking at my feelings as a recently married and new-ish mum of one. ‘Who am I?’ This is probably one of the most difficult questions I’ve asked myself in recent months? Who am I now? What do I still stand for? What am I still passionate about? And my most profound question: who is it looking back at me when I look into the […]

Quote saying 'See the obstacles in your life as an opportunity to exceed expectations'.