The Liebster Award

I’ve noticed comments and tweets about Liebster Awards over the last couple of months and really didn’t have much of an idea about it. I assumed that the people who won them were from the elite ‘tots100’ type communities. And then it happened to me, I was nominated for a Liebster Award by @Mumwithbrain¬†and again shortly after by @firstooth ,¬† @_rainflower and @scandimummy. I was elated and humbled that anyone reads what I have to say and is interested in knowing more about me. I’ve since read a bit more on the Liebster Award and am such a fan of […]


Happy Sunday

For the first time in around 5 months, my folks have come to visit and it’s been a lovely weekend. I miss my mummy and daddy loads! Although I’m in Cardiff and they’re in London, we might as well be abroad in terms of how often we see each other. It’s a real shame because I had always wanted my daughter to have a great relationship with both mine and my husband’s families. However, in this busy world, everyone is always too busy, even to say the odd hello every now and again. I do miss my family but it’s […]