Where’s my mum-jo gone?

For anyone who’s wondering what a Mum-jo is, I’ve taken it from Gulliana Rancic, a presenter and all round superwoman on E! TV. On one episode of her tv show, she asked her mother for some advice about how to keep her mojo in a relationship, how to remain appealing go ber husband whilst juggling parenthood. Her mother, in her 60s, was proud to say she’d never lost it and works hard to keep the relationship with her husband strong. She said it was very important to look attractive for your husband and continue to do romantic things with one […]

mama and baba

A lesson in baby safety

This is my tough lesson in baby safety. Today started off very promising indeed. I was getting over the cold and for the first time in a week, was able to spend some one-on-one time with Pumpkinella. My husband had been taking her to her grandparents while I recovered from a horrible cold. We played together, took a long walk in the park for the morning nap and had a play together at a play group in the afternoon. Pumpkinella had a textbook bedtime routine and all was fine for the first 30 minutes. And then she woke up crying. […]