The physicalities of stress

**stress strɛs/ noun 1. a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. “she’s obviously under a lot of stress” synonyms: strain, pressure, tension, nervous tension, worry, anxiety, nervousness; More **Google translation Have you ever felt unexplainable aches and pains in specific parts of your body? Or maybe tension around your neck and shoulders? Have you found yourself exhausted regardless of how much sleep you’ve had or maybe the opposite, have you found yourself to be exhausted but unable to sleep? Lately I’ve experienced all the above and to top it off my arch […]

Days you wish you’d stayed in bed

It’s been such a busy day today that my head is still spinning. Up at 5am with  a stirring and hungry 15month old who should quite rightly be in her own bed but at around midnight every night she clambers in with us for a bit of comfort. Who am I to say no when I barely make it home in time to see her before she fell asleep. I was not so kindly reminded today how unhappy I am with my job and how soul-destroying it can be from being an over achieving child to now be an under-achieving adult. The […]

Mummy and Pumpkinella baby duvet day

For those low-down rotten days

We’ve all had them, I’m currently having one, it’s a low day, a day, a week, a season when nothing seems to go quite your way and ‘fed-up’ could be THE biggest understatement. Experiencing migraines is no easy trip. Having 28 or so years under my belt experiencing them still doesn’t prepare me for an attack. The aura, or not; the nausea, or not; what ever the symptoms are, it’s debilitating and the only way I’ve found that truly works to ease the pain is to take some time out. By time out I mean locking myself away in a […]

Caption about positivity

Where’s my mum-jo gone?

For anyone who’s wondering what a Mum-jo is, I’ve taken it from Gulliana Rancic, a presenter and all round superwoman on E! TV. On one episode of her tv show, she asked her mother for some advice about how to keep her mojo in a relationship, how to remain appealing go ber husband whilst juggling parenthood. Her mother, in her 60s, was proud to say she’d never lost it and works hard to keep the relationship with her husband strong. She said it was very important to look attractive for your husband and continue to do romantic things with one […]

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