From toddler to mini dictator

It’s begun – from toddler to mini dictator! Pumpkinella is now 2 years and 7 months old and has really come into her own. We can have sensible conversations where we’ll discuss the things she’d like to eat, what games she’d like to play and how her day has gone when I pick her up after returning from work. Or fun things she’d like to do during the day. During these conversations I’m amazed at her rate of development. She’s already worked out sarcasm, to my detriment and often makes comments where I’m left wondering which adult she’s learnt them […]

Cool girl Nia

Forget terrible two’s – let’s welcome awesome two’s!

My baby girl is 21 months old this August and I can’t believe how time has flown by. She’s full of laughter and adventure and loves to be around other children. She adds several new words to her vocabulary every single day and her diction is near perfect. I don’t know how we got so lucky with such an amazing beauty. With the new-found independence has come a struggle to be heard and understood. I can see in her eyes when she wants me to acknowledge something she’s said but as much of her sentences are still incomprehensible, I find […]

Surviving the toddler tantrum

This may not be your idea of the worst tantrum. Maybe even in your particular spectrum but at 15 months old, Pumpkinella has just started to have what I consider are tantrums. So far I’ve only experienced this in the house and most notably since she has started taking an interest in moving toys like her Little Tikes Jelly bean racer, her baby shopping basket and her toy trolley. So she’ll start by wheeling her toy back and forth around the long and narrow living room area. I’ll rush around picking up all the toys around her preempting her indifference […]

Baby with Little Tikes orange jelly bean