Sleep is for wimps!

I’m sure this is a common scenario you’ve either heard or have experienced; watching your child playfully wondering around the sofa busying herself with her books and toys during the night and completely oblivious to the fact that it’s time to go to sleep. This has become the norm for our Pumpkinella over the last few weeks. At 14 months old, she has lept from three naps a day to just the one. She is the proverbial Duracell battery. Awake at 6am, she’ll have some milk followed by porridge and finish this off with some fruit. She’ll be dropped off with […]

Pumpkinella baby with mamma on a lovely day

Newly toddling

My toddling daughter is now 13 months old and has a new found confidence. She goes where she wants, eats what she wants and won’t nap if she doesn’t want to. She’s also bravely taking steps on her own and to my terror insists on doing this while at a restaurant. The waiters and waitresses have strained smiles thinking ‘we don’t have the space for kids to run around’ but I’m powerless to stop her as I know full well she’ll scream the place down if I don’t let her and it’s too cold to walk outside. It’s a whole […]