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Welcome back pumpkinella baby – back to blogging

Welcome back pumpkinella baby – back to blogging Panic is over everyone, I’m back! It’s been several months since I last published anything but I’m finally back to blogging, back to my passion, back to Pumpkinella baby. It seems like so long ago since my last post. I continued to write but I kind of lost some of my confidence and felt that my words were to personal and heartfelt to share with the world. Instead, I inadvertently started what might otherwise be known as journal. It helped me through a tough start to 2017 and hopefully has set a […]

A working mother’s internal struggles

Everyday that I say goodbye to my daughter and leave for work, I leave a piece of my heart behind. This is a little story about my feelings on being a working mother. Our bond is so much stronger than anything I’ve ever experienced before. I don’t even know when it started, maybe it was the day I found out I was expecting a baby. I was elated; my dream from a very young age was to be a mummy. It was overwhelming to know that this was finally on its way to becoming a reality. Fast forward nine months […]

Days you wish you’d stayed in bed

It’s been such a busy day today that my head is still spinning. Up at 5am with  a stirring and hungry 15month old who should quite rightly be in her own bed but at around midnight every night she clambers in with us for a bit of comfort. Who am I to say no when I barely make it home in time to see her before she fell asleep. I was not so kindly reminded today how unhappy I am with my job and how soul-destroying it can be from being an over achieving child to now be an under-achieving adult. The […]

Mummy and Pumpkinella baby duvet day