The Hoover Wi-Fi cooker will save my bacon every time

I know this is quite removed from my usual topics but I’m bursting at the seams to be able to share this with you.

And I can’t believe it. Here i was looking for a new induction hob online and wanting something quite flexible which would allow me to cook with lots of different sizes pots easily. I thought it was a joke when I came across the Hoover Wizard induction hob. I had to take a closer look. My husband’s a techie who loves new gadgets and I’m a wannabe techie obsessed with getting a good bargain. I saw Wi-Fi and Hob on the same line and I thought ‘what’s going on here?!’

So what’s the Hoover wizard induction hob when it’s at home? Well, it appears you can control the cooker remotely, via your smart phone or tablet. It tells you how warm your food is and you can decide whether to leave it or change the heat to suit. The only thing more it needs is a camera to see how your food is cooking and a robot arm to stir it occasionally! 

Another feature is the flexible heating area. You can place the pan in a variety of areas on the hob and it detects the size of you pan. It only heats the section you’re using. This is seriously grown up tech and I’m so impressed.

There’s more! It provides reports to help you with power management so you can see how much you’re using and therefore spending on electricity. And there’s a whole range of other Hoover appliances that have the same technology so no more sitting in from of the tv and rushing back to see that you burnt your meal. It’s got a desktop app with lots of information about your usage. Can I imagine a world where I look at a weekly report on how my cooker is performing?? I want to say no but I’m honestly in awe. 

The only thing I’m a little confused about it how I could tell from the temperature of my meal whether it’s cooked or not?!

It costs £599 but the thing is that 2 years ago I paid for an overpriced induction hob with my newly fitter kitchen and I’ve broken it when a sugar jar fell on it. It’s surprising how common this accident is and some manufacturers won’t even meet the obligations of their warranty if they find out you have a cabinet near their beloved induction hob. What they ‘should’ be doing is making them super-tough and durable to withstand such knocks but instead they revel in the knowledge that you’ll be replacing your hob every two minutes due to unfortunate accidents like the one I had.

I’ve found that you can get up to 5 years accident cover on your appliances from lots of retailers, John Lewis being my absolute favourite. They are just such a no fuss business that whenever I’m spending what I consider to be a significant some of money. I always check if the item I want to buy is sold by them before I make any kind of purchase.

For those who don’t know what an induction hob is, it’s a wonderfully efficient way of cooking. After 2 years of owning one I’ve only just realised there was a boost setting on every one of my 4 hobs which allows you to heat up water at the same rate as a kettle. This is my mini Homer moment. It’s honestly changed my cooking habits e.g. the kettle doesn’t have to be on every other minute and I spend less time faffing around as a result. Induction cookers can sense when there’s a pot on the hob and automatically turn themselves off when not in use, in case you forget. They also have a child lock function on most models, something that 100% sucked me in when I was looking for a hob and was 9 months pregnant. The last important thing about them is the speed at which they cool. Within 5 minutes it’s cool enough to touch and on the off-chance it isn’t, there’s a sensor to tell you.   They also send all the power to heating the pan so you lose very little energy. Heat is induced using magnetic coils that go on when they come in contact with a conducting material such as induction-safe pan.

I wish I could griddle with an induction hob but I haven’t managed to find an induction-friendly griddle pan. 

Do I need it? No. Do I want it? You bet! Can I justify £600 worth of ‘hob’ to my husband? No way. So it’s with sadness that I’ll add it to my wish list of knick-knacks that I love but can only dream of owning.



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