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Pumpkinella will be 3 this November and I am SO excited to be planning the celebrations. the very first thing I do about 2 months before her birthday is to ask which of her favourite toys, cartoons, or superhero’s she’d like at her party. This gives me a theme to work with. For her first birthday she chose Raa Raa the noisy lion. For her second she chose Hey Duggee. Both birthday parties were amazing to organise and I’ll be doing a series of posts to show you just how I put them all together.

This year however, Pumpkinella’s decided on the theme of Paw Patrol. She’s only recently left the confines of CBeebies when we went away with good friends who’s 3-year-old daughter was obsessed with them. I adore the kids shows and just as well as I’ve probably watched every episode of Paw Patrol to date and maybe each about 50 times over the last 4 months.

On to the planning fun!

  1. Theme sorted! Now onto the cake

The next thing on hit list is the party cake. For popular children’s characters the supermarkets come fully stocked with tasty and gorgeous cakes.

Waitrose, Tesco and Asda have the following Paw Patrol cake and it costs £10

Cake Asda and Waitrose

This was really the only one I could find in the shops but as a treat for myself(no sorry I meant as a treat for Pumpkinella!), I love to have her cakes hand-made. I know some colleagues at work who own a small business and have made Pumpkinella’s other two birthday parties. They are K and P cakes and the cakes are always a tasty as they look, gorgeous and intricately designed and mouthwatering. Looking for inspiration, I’ve found some great ideas as a good starting point for me to then update and personalise. Here are four of my favourite so far:

paw patrol cake pinterest 1
paw patrol cake pinterest 2
paw patrol cake pinterest 3

I’ll show you Pumpkinella’s final cake design once its baked and ready to munch on!

2. Cake sorted! Now to the food and drinks

Another particular interest of mine is to have healthy food and drink at Pumpkinella’s birthday parties. I’m fortunate she’s not too exposed to sweets and has never had fizzy drinks. I make it my goal to make sure she has a variety of nourishing energy boosting food and drink and with a fussy eater, she can be very selective.

The wonderful folks at Benson’s the Juicers recently contacted me about trying some of their kid’s range of juices. There are three flavours, apple, orange & apple and blackcurrant & apple. The juices are a blend of natural fruit juice with spring water so there’s no need dilute them down. For the first time in about 6 months, I’m so relieved to have found the only other drink that Pumpkinella will have other than milk. I love the drinks too and just as well as my daughter likes to eat and drink with company so she runs and gets me a juice bottle too when she wants a Joosed! Junior drink. I’m also transitioning away from baby feeding bottles and these drinks are perfect as an alternative.

For a chance to win a case of Joosed! Junior drinks for you and your little ones, follow this link to the Joosed! blog post page.

Joosed! Junior 01

Joosed! junior

I’ll write another post of party decorations and I’m absolutely bursting with ideas for it.

Don’t forget to visit the Giveaway blog post for your chance to win a case of Joosed! Junior drinks.

Joosed! Junior Drinks Giveaway

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