What’s your motivation for blogging?

I’ve struggled to get a post out lately. There are so many things going on in my head and to do with my circumstances but finding a balance between what I feel I can share with my not-so-many readers, and what should remain personal and private is very difficult. There’s been a fantastic holiday with the family which I’ll definitely be writing about in due course. 

Currently though I’m having a low period emotionally and can’t seem to find my happy. During times like this I question whether Pumpkinella.com should be what I always envisaged, a place for inspiration and support, or whether it should be more of a diary of my life as a form of therapy. My ambition when I started the blog was to be positive, put a position light on every situation and be an ambassador empowering other women and families through my advice and lessons learned. However over the last few days and weeks I’ve struggled with keeping that positive focus within my posts. As such I’ve published very little of what I’ve actually written.
Blogging appears to be one of those things that you need to dedicate time to, develop a style, take advice and inspiration from other bloggers, and improve on constantly. However when you work full time and the average dinner time is at 9pm, it’s a constant struggle to find the time to concentrate on it and the messages I want to convey. Also the pressures of life tend to make me feel low by the end of the day invariably meaning that posts written late at night tend not to be very happy or encouraging.

I wonder if other bloggers also struggle with balancing all their responsibilities and still publish great content.

I’ll leave you for now with this question: how far you would go with your blog? Out of the abundance of your heart do you let your words flow or do you take time to really think about the messages you’re putting out there and make sure you are a positive influence on your readers at all times?

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    Tracey Abrahams

    My aim in blogging has always been to 1) get some cheap therapy. This isnt as silly as it sounds, I do find it helps when my mind is racing with different thoughts (a symptom of anxiety) to focus on putting them in clear tidy sentances and paragraphs and 2) to interact with other people.
    Because of this I write from a range of different emotions.
    Personally I am mistrustful of blogs that are always positive, no ones lives are that perfect. #Bigfatlinky

    1. Pumpkinella Post

      Thanks for dropping by Tracey. You make some really good points. Ever get nervous of potentially sharing your worst moments with the world? Seems employers and other voyeurs love to snoop into our lives so I worry how much to put out there for those reasons too. But you’re right, a blog that’s too perfect is probably not very honest.

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    My main aim has always been to document what I do for the boys to look back on and within that somewhere for me to rant and write in a releasing environment.

    I tend to write for me. But know I have a parenting and home school readership so try within that to maintain a certain about of targeted posts. Tat being said I will never write for anyone other than me and as my blog name says it’s whatever my current thoughts are. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week
    martyn recently posted…Wicked Wednesday #22My Profile

    1. Pumpkinella Post

      Hi Martyn, Do you ever filter your thoughts to create that bit of distance between the reader and yourself? I would be heartbroken if I wrote everything without a filter and someone made a negative comment. Can you see your boys reading your blog when they’re older? Would you be happy for that?

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    Interesting post. I actually shut my last blog down because I set it up as such a positive blog that when I got really low I couldn’t write at all and figured it was pointless to continue. Now I talk more openly about how I am feeling and don’t limit myself to topics it’s much easier for me to write posts.I just struggle to find the time to get my ideas down haha x

    1. Pumpkinella Post

      I’ve been feeling lately that I can’t find anything positive to write about as I just feel like I’m going through the wars a bit. Because of my work I feel I really have to filter myself so it’s hard to put it all out. But then again, we write about our lives, good or bad, maybe it’s not such a bad thing just to write openly and honestly even if thrre are more lows than highs. Thanks for dropping by relentlessly purple.

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