Where’s my mum-jo gone?

mama and baba

For anyone who’s wondering what a Mum-jo is, I’ve taken it from Gulliana Rancic, a presenter and all round superwoman on E! TV. On one episode of her tv show, she asked her mother for some advice about how to keep her mojo in a relationship, how to remain appealing go ber husband whilst juggling parenthood. Her mother, in her 60s, was proud to say she’d never lost it and works hard to keep the relationship with her husband strong. She said it was very important to look attractive for your husband and continue to do romantic things with one another no matter how old you get.

Since Pumpkinella was born, I feel like I’ve pretty much lost all of my mum-jo. My husband and I are great friends at the best of times but the changes we’ve had to make to our lives hasn’t allowed much time for us to be a couple. We love each other but over the last 18months, seem to have drifted into a parenting/ survival mode.

I miss the closeness we used to have and the time we shared together, dreaming about what our future together might hold and all the things we’d get up to. It seems these days our favourite past times include eating, surfing the ‘interweb’ and sleeping, of which I’m lucky if I get a three-hour stretch at a time.

All this aside, my husband tells me he loves me several times a day and I say it back. We are each others best friends and partners in crime.

That said, I need some ideas on how to get back to that closeness we used to have before perfect little Pumpkinella entered our lives. I’m so grateful for our family and never want to lose it.

While I think on this a little more, I’ll leave you with a picture of our first date night post Pumpkinella.

Picture perfect!
Picture perfect!


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    The joys of being a mom of sons! I’m a bit late in visiting your blog today and I’m still bhined in Ezekial. Eventually, I’ll catch up. Did you know we’re having an AZ blogger get together at Gooseberries? Wish you could come. Michele, of Beelieve you can is moving to PA so we’re sending her off.

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    1. Pumpkinella Post

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