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bad blog post

I’ve read a lot of articles lately about how to manage a good blog, gain readers and improve your network. It seems like there is just so much to learn and countless things you need to do to get more people looking at your blog. However there aren’t many places to go to for advice on managing a blog while working full-time and looking after a boddler (baby/ toddler) and a husband. This combination creates a degree of uncertainty about when your next post will come and how you’re going to tell enough people about it to get them to come along and have a read.

This and a poor work-life balance have created a situation where I can now give some advice you on what not to do as a blogger. It’s ironic that through my journey and self-improvement, the biggest things I’ve learnt are from my mistakes and not my successes. So here goes: –

1. Family time or blogging time? When I have a half hour or longer spare, what should I do with it?  I’m sure many of you will relate to this. I’ve spent so much time already ‘not’ paying attention to my daughter, in favour of my next tweet or link-up. Needless to say this IS NOT good. The reason I started my blog was not to find shelter in the wonderful but challenging work but was to somehow help and inspire others. As such I’ll say this to all those bloggers struggling to manage their time effectively; family should always come first, not your phone, tablet or computer. Put it down and switch off at specific times of the day. Yes work but play harder!

2. Read, read and read again everything you write. My grammar has become terrible since the world of spellcheck came. Maybe it’s a firm of dyslexia because my brain is telling me clearly and succinctly what to write but none of it ever seems to appear in a way that is grammatically correct and my posts are riddled with typos. I often find I need to print things out to be able to really see what I’m reading or writing. Needless to say I think ebooks are wasted on me.

3. Lots of other parent bloggers say that planning is essential to develop some consistency in how much time you get to spend on your blog. I suffer from migraines and when I put a plan together, a pathetic upset challenging few days in a row often leads to a full-blown migraine and this completely throws me off my game. Without a plan day-to-day life often gets in the way but with a plan sometimes I need to just stop and take stock and a plan doesn’t normally include that. So do I need a plan then? I say yes, we all need goals and milestones to set ourselves to do. I haven’t written a lost in almost a month due to lots of stress, a family bereavement and an inability to control my migraines. Maybe if I set myself targets and chipped away at them bit by bit and regularly I could write and schedule posts in advance so that I’d still be keeping my blog updated irrespective of my current circumstances.

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